OVERLAP - A puzzle game that tests your brain!

A puzzle game that tests your brain! "OVerLay" puts you in the limit space and uses wisdom to fill the puzzles with patterns! The pattern of each level will be equally divided into multiple small grids. The ultimate goal is to put the puzzles one by one and restore the patterns to color!

In addition to considering the ability of puzzles, "OVerLay" is more important to the placement sequence. When the new puzzle is put in, if it overlaps with the old puzzle, the puzzle in the small grid will be covered by the new one. Each step you start will directly affect the next one. Piece of puzzle. Use your wisdom to choose the right place and become the key to victory! Fight hard and test your brainpower!

Game focus
Different from ordinary jigsaw puzzles, test your accuracy
100 levels stage are waiting for you to challenge
Open three major graphic modes "square" "triangle" "hexagon"
Simple operation, the process tests wisdom
Use the old and new puzzles to make a difference