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Run To Fight

Run to Fight is the most thrilling action game in the world! People trapped in prison can only escape if they run all the time. There are bad people in front of him, the demons behind them are chasing…watch out the enemies and finish the teamwork with your friends! Do you dare to accept the challenge? Complete countless challenges, stop the evil villains, escape the prison! What you should do is to run and fight at the same time! It’s a so thrilling game. The fantastic visuals give you an immersive experience as the leading character to run, to fight! -Features: -Free to play -Simple to control -Hard to master -Thrilling action game -Greatly Addictive -Challenge yourself with the near impossible! Come on! Can you escape from the prison?


Repeat is a simple causal game. Draw one stroke, Hit the balls, complete various Challenges. Be careful!! Some balls are traps. The game is Easy to operate and suitable for Everyone. All you need is a Finger. Try to complete the challenge as soon as possible; you can get a star if it is completed in specific time, use your Wisdom to collect all the stars!! The fastest record also will become the hint for all players, Enjoy it Now!!


**No. 2 Action Game in Asia, Over 1,500,000 Players. Armorslays utilizes a fast and easy to use digital joystick navigation. It allows you to use two fingers at once: One for movement, the other to shoot your gun or pull your sword. The more enemies that die, the more money you will earn. But be sure to invest it wisely. Spend your hard-earned cash on a new robot look or perhaps more powerful weapons or even special boosts which will make you stronger that give you a boost for land, sea or sky battles.

3Kingdoms -Fight

"3kingdoms-fight" is a ARPG Game with the theme of the Three Kingdoms era. It integrates the elements of card games. Players can fight against the strong in the battlefield of the "Three Kingdoms". You can choose three military commanders and a military division. Players can freely exchange military commanders during the battle, flexibly use different military commanders and weapons to help players pass through.

Atom Collider

Take your "ATOM COLLIDER" into the fascinating 3D Racing with reaction control. Race mode & Ghost mode is challenge your control how to get a high survive time. Although it is our First try "3D Racing Game", we hope to get you more in ultimate racing experience. Welcome to give us any opinion on this game. ☆ How do you feel about this racing game? ☆ Did you like this control method and racing mode?

Mako Dozer

Mako Dozer is a funny game and let the players remember their childhoods that collect the interesting cachapons. Push the mako coins and exciting cachapons into your pocket by dropping them into the machine. Remember dun push them to the sides of machine and they will disappear. Collect the six different mako cachapons like mako sushi, mako donut, etc.